Vet News - October, November and December 2017

We have compiled a short summary of the top Veterinary News Stories from the last three months for you to read. All of the below can be viewed in full on the BVA News Website. 


Scottish Government Debates Banning Wild Animals in Circuses
(9th October 2017)

MSPs voted unanimously in support of the bill which will make it an offence tfor wild animals to be used in travelling circuses in Scotland. The Bill will now move onto stage 2 and then hopefully onto the full Parliament for final amendments and approval. 

Post-Brexit Cooperation Necessary for Animal Health and Welfare
(20th October 2017)

The BVA have called for a continuation to the unique relationship between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Highlighting the importance of the “all-island” disease control strategy and the importance of movement of people, products and animals across the border. 

Bluetongue-positive Animals Imported to UK
(23rd October 2017)

The Bluetongue virus was detected during routine post-movement tests and has led to movement restrictions and some culling on the affected farms. Bluetongue is spread by infected midges and as the weather becomes more mild, an increase in the virus may be seen. 

Veterinary Medicines Directorate Show Sales of Antibiotic for Food-Producing Animals Drops by 27%.
(27th October 2017)

Senior Vice-President of the BVA, Gudrun Ravetz commented: “It is extremely encouraging to see reductions in antibiotic use, including Critically Important Antibiotics, across all livestock industries for which data was made available this year"


The RCVS has called for Homeopathy and Similar Treatments to be seen as Complementary Treatments Rather than Alternative. 
(3rd November 2017)

The RCVS stated that “homeopathy exists without a recognised body of evidence for its use and is not based on sound scientific principles”

UK Government has Announced that all English Slaughterhouses will have CCTV from Spring 2018
(10th November 2017)

This comes after many years of campaigning by the BVA and the VPHA and is being hailed as a breakthrough for animal welfare. It follows a consultation which showed that 99% of respondents supported the introduction of CCTV. 

Are Animals Sentient? A Brexit debate. 
(23rd November 2017)

After a massive outcry earlier in the month when it seemed that the Government voted against animal sentience post Brexit, the Environment Secretary Michael Gove issued a Written Ministerial Statement stating that animals are sentient. However, no news on when this would be enshrined in law was included…


New Chief Veterinary Officer Announced
(4th December 2017)

Christine Middlemass has been announced as the UK’s next Chief Veterinary Officer. She is taking over from Nigel Gibbens who is stepping down after 10 years in the role. 

Wales Announces New TB Eradication Targets
(13th December 2017)

These targets will mean that hopefully Wales will be TB free between 2036 and 2041. There has already been a significant reduction in incidence across Wales thanks in part to a well-structured and regionalised strategy. 

The Scottish Government has Introduced New Measures to Improve Farmed Fish Health
(19th December 2017)

The measures, which have been welcomed by the BVA and the Fish Veterinary Society, will help improve the health and welfare of Scottish Fish and will consequently ensure that Scottish aquaculture is sustainable. This is an important industry to protect as fish is worth over £650million to the Scottish economy each year. 

The Government has introduced New Puppy Welfare Plans
(22nd December 2017)

The measures include a crack down on breeders and illegal puppy smuggling. Proposals may lead to compulsory licensing for any puppy breeders or sellers and preventing online sales.