As AVS and BVA student members you are eligible to apply for a travel grant to carry out a research project overseas. There is one AVS award and two BVA awards available: 


AVS Connect Award

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This will provide financial assistance (£250) for a vet student to attend international meetings or events as a representative of the UK and Ireland veterinary student body.
- More information can be found here
- The application form can be found here
- Deadline is 28th February 2018
Terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page. 


BVA Overseas Travel Grant


Four awards of £500 to undertake a research project which contributes to development and welfare in a developing country. Previous projects have included: helminths in Sri Lankan Elephants, effective breeding in Peruvian Alpaca Herds and Wildebeest-associated Malignant Catarrhal Fever in Kenya!

Harry Steele-Bodger Memorial Travel Scholarship

Intended to allow a visit to a Veterinary or agricultural school or a research institute. It is open to penultimate and final year veterinary students. 

For more information please see the BVA website - which can be accessed here



Terms and Conditions of AVS Connect Award 

Terms & Conditions:
1. Eligibility: Applicants must be members of the AVS i.e. currently studying Veterinary Medicine/Science at a university in the UK or Ireland.
2. Submissions can be made at any point in the year but the deadline is 28th February 2018
3. Application review and final decisions will be made within the 4 weeks of submission.
4. Grant payments will be made as soon as possible after the decisions have been made.
5. Successful applicants that receive grants are expected to submit a 500 word report with photo of their experience suitable to be published in JAVS and on our website. 
6. Retrospective applications will not be considered
7. Should the applicant not attend the event/meeting the grant should be returned to AVS in full.