AVS President Responds to New Vet School 

The announcement that Harper Adams & Keele will be opening the UK & Ireland’s tenth veterinary school, just six years after the ninth opened, is of concern to The Association of Veterinary Students and our members. The concerns expressed in the “AVS Workforce Policy” are as relevant as ever with the announcement of this new course.

To our knowledge, this new vet school will not be building its own teaching hospitals or first opinion practices, and as result will look to use ‘partner practices’ and contract intra-mural rotations. Students are already finding it harder to source EMS placements, and with two vet schools (three when this new school opens) using partner practices, new veterinary schools are increasing stress and financial burdens on our members.

I fail to see how anyone can argue that increasing the number of UK vet schools will alone alleviate the recruitment crisis, improve career disillusionment or student satisfaction.

At AVS we will always seek to support our members, regardless of the institution they attend, and would encourage the universities of Harper Adams & Keele to consider the impact on all veterinary students and engage with us, and other representative organisations, as they continue to plan their new course.

This statement has been developed based on the opinions of veterinary students through discussions with our policy sub committee, our AVS uni reps and feedback they’ve had from members at their university and discussion on the Veterinary Voices Students group. The AVS Workforce Policy can be found on our website in the policy section. If you have any questions or want to find out how to be involved in our policy development contact

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David Charles
AVS President 2018-2019

Published: 25th May 2018