Your vote matters

The general election is fast approaching, with the ballots opening on May 7th. To take part, youll need to have registered to vote before the 20th April.

Are you registered to vote?

Students used to be automatically registered to vote by their universities acting as head of household. However changes in the system have resulted in many being omitted from the electoral register and even if you voted last year you might not find yourself on this years list. Luckily, the window of opportunity is open for another 8 days. Register yourself online here:

If youre not sure if youre registered already, no worries! You can register multiple times. Also, dont be put off if you cant find your national insurance number; while its preferable to include it there is an option on the form to register without it.

Should I bother?

Yes. It will take 2 minutes and without doing it you wont be able to vote. Its like getting a ticket to an event you might not actually attend; youre leaving yourself the choice so you dont regret it on the night when everyones gone and you didnt get your act together before tickets sold out.