Vet school is five or six (or longer!) years of your life hopefully well spent! One of the best things about the degree is that the possibilities are almost endless. This page hopes to highlight the different routes that are available for you - if you see any gaps please let us know!

The British Veterinary Association have produced a helpful site with lots of advice. It can be accessed here.  They have also have blogs written by different vets which offer a snapshot into their lives.

Career Map

Doing Veterinary Medicine at University may seem to only lead to one career; becoming a vet. However, this is definitely not the case! Doing a Vet degree opens so many doors. Some of the doors it opens can be seen on our mind map below! 

Graduate Blog 

Ever wanted to know what really happens after you leave vet school? We've been finding out the real life stories of vet graduates after they leave the vet school bubble! 

Will Bayton

graduate Profiles

Veterinary medicine is often considered as one of the most broad-based science degrees available. As such it opens many different career pathways to those who choose to study it. Here we've put together some profiles of recent veterinary graduates to showcase just some of the career options that are open to those with a veterinary degree. Thank you to all those below who submitted profiles for us to publish.

Click on the pictures above to view each of our graduate profiles!