Emily Gascoigne

Vet School: Cambridge

Year of graduation:2012

Home region: North West

What did you aspire to do when you applied for vet school? I wanted to be either a mixed veterinary practitioner or a Pig Vet consultant! I really wanted to have some element of farm work in my day and even then they prospect of working with large numbers was appealing.

What are you doing now? No pig work! I am a farm animal practitioner in the South West in a large farm animal practice. The practice is mostly progressive dairy farms but I have a special clinical interest in sheep medicine and in particular flock health. I am actively involved in working with students within the practice and FAVS.

What is your favourite thing about being a vet? The clients! The working partnerships you develop with farms makes the job what it is.

What is the worst thing about being a vet? It is a high pressured job, and working with large farm businesses exacerbates this. It can also be quite an isolating job all day on the road. A good support network (employers and colleagues) are essential!

What has been the most memorable/interesting experience of your career so far? My first solo calving with no assistance- a beautiful live heifer calf and a very pleased client. I had to go back later to TB test her for a pre-movement test which was very rewarding!

Do you have any future career goals? I want to specialise in sheep flock health and medicine and continue to work with students!

If you could give one piece of advice to current vet students, what would you give? Don't say no to any opportunities you are given whilst at vet school. Travel abroad, unusual work experience placements, adventure.

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