Stuart Reid, the RCVS President and dean of the RVC has proposed allowing vets the option of using the title Dr. This has sparked substantial debate amongst the profession. The RCVS has launched a proposal on the matter available to view here, and this will be followed by a consultation in the new year. We have put together our own list of arguments for and against the proposal;


  • It brings parity with doctors and dentists in the UK, both of whom have the option to use the Doctor title and whose training is of similar length and breadth.

  • It brings parity with other vets in the US, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe, all of whom have the option to use the title Doctor.

  • It highlights to the wider world the level of training required to become a vet.


  • As veterinary surgeons, we should align ourselves with human surgeons who style themselves as Mr/Mrs due to a historical querk.

  • It is misleading as we are neither PhD holders or medical doctors.

  • It’s just isn't necessary.

AVS ran a poll on our facebook page which came up with some pretty interesting results. Firstly those against the idea were by far the most vocal (eagle eyed Cambridge students may have spotted a certain David Bainbridge’s comment). There was however a clear winner with a silent majority of 97% in favour of the idea!

Got a view? Comment below and join the debate!