Name: Eleanor Robertson

Age: 22

Vet School: Liverpool

Year: 3

How did you get in: I was actually insanely lucky with my applications as I was a little late to the game in fully committing to vet school. Partly for this reason I was absolutely certain that I wanted a break after school before starting university – I was desperate to travel, mature and experience a little more of life before committing to the next 5 years. 
I applied to Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Nottingham with 3 A’s at Advanced Higher and a reasonable amount (12 weeks) of work experience (nothing like some numbers quoted on the student room that terrified me!). I would have been delighted to attend any vet school that would take me, however when I received my offers from them only Liverpool would allow me to defer my entry and so I didn’t hesitate. I had an incredible 14 months abroad, with a massive range of experiences including working at a Canadian Summer camp, diving off a Fijian island and hiking northern Cambodia. I earnt money, then blew it on a bungee jump, got lost on mopeds in Laos then went out for fancy dinners in Sydney – Obviously not in that order.

Most demanding aspect of the process:

Interviews. Yes, they are terrifying and yes, you have to come up with a non-clichéd answer to why you want to be a vet, but afterwards you realise that they are just checking you are a real person who can hold a conversation. It’s not about the knowledge – it’s their job to teach you that later. My interview for Liverpool was actually over the phone – a strange experience, but it obviously went all right!

What do you feel most prepared you for vet school?

Travelling. It sounds corny, and no it wasn’t because I ‘found myself’, bought baggy traveller pants or took up yoga – I just became more confident, more open to opportunities and way more adaptable – All of which I think of as key points that have helped me to enjoy vet school so far.

What advice would you give applicants?

Don’t panic – vet school is overflowing with people who took years out, completed a previous degree or returned after pursuing an entirely different career. No matter when / how you get there – your all in the same boat from that very first lecture.