Matt Ashford

Matt Ashford

Name: Matt Ashford

University: Cambridge

What did you intercalate in and where: BA Theology at Cambridge

When did you intercalate: After 2nd year

Why did you choose to intercalate?

At Cambridge we all have to intercalate, though most people stick to something like Pathology or Pharmacology. I wanted to use the opportunity to have a break from science and spend a year doing an Arts subject. I chose Theology for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as a Christian, having the opportunity to spend a year studying the academic credibility of the Bible was really interesting. Secondly, Theology allowed me to experience lots of different aspects of the Arts; some language, history, and literature.

What did you learn from your intercalation?

Though none of the content was directly relevant to my veterinary career, lots of the processes involved in studying an Arts subject are beneficial. For example, the time management that comes from having so few contact hours or improving your writing style by churning out essays. As well as these transferrable skills, I also learnt lots of things that I wouldn't have had the opportunity otherwise, such as Koine Greek.

What was the best part of your intercalation?

It was great to have a year where the pressure was off. I had a lot more free-time, which I used to play lots of sport. And it was really cool be in control of what I studied - I read and wrote about things that I found interesting, rather than having to learn everything I heard in a lecture.

What was the worst part of your intercalation?

Since we all intercalate, I didn’t have to change year group or anything like that, but it can be frustrating seeing my mates at other vet schools getting through Final Year while I'm still stuck in lectures!

Has it changed what you will do in the future?

Not really, I still plan to practice as a vet. However, it has made me think about practicing part time whilst working for a church.